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BUILDFAST Countrywide (Pvt.) Ltd. was established and Registered in 1991 as Partnership Firm. After successful operations, it was registered as a Private Limited construction Company in 1996. Owners, Engr. Faheem Masood Faruqui and Engr. Arif Hafeez Khan, took the newly established construction firm to new heights through utmost conviction and perseverance. Both owners, being Civil Engineers from prestigious engineering universities of Pakistan, quickly gained a foothold in the construction industry of Pakistan. Pakistan’s construction industry, still in its infancy, did not discourage the new players. The personal and corporate motto of ‘to never give up’ kept the company moving. BUILDFAST Countrywide (Pvt.) Ltd. expanded and flexed its muscles in 2003 onwards. With the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan getting major financial support from the government, the company developed its portfolio as an institutional buildings and infrastructure development constructors. Since then, the company has grown to be a renowned civil works contractor in Pakistan.


BUILDFAST Countrywide (Pvt.) Ltd. is committed to further the engineering and contracting profession and uphold its prestige and integrity as a means to work for the betterment of the Pakistani society. The construction industry world over is treacherous. Safety and accident prevention is everyone’s responsibility. This company’s policy is to provide a safe and healthy place of employment for every employee and to abide by regulations set forth by federal, state and local governments of Pakistan. Buildfast Countrywide (Pvt.) Ltd is sincerely interested in the safety and welfare of our employees. Accident prevention is essential in maintaining an efficient operation. It is our policy that our safety rules shall be strictly observed at all times. Although these rules are to be considered very important, it is impossible to publish a rule that covers every circumstance. BUILDFAST Countrywide (Pvt.) Ltd. expanded and flexed its muscles in 2003 onwards.